Research Training Group 2498

Research Training Group 2498

Communication and Dynamics of Plant Cell Compartments


The RTG 2498 brings together groups from three different MLU institutes and the IPB, giving the PhD-students the opportunity to approach their research topics from different points of view and with complementary methods. The interwoven study program together with supervision by individualized Thesis Committees will train the young researchers in interdisciplinary thinking and prepare them for responsible leading positions in molecular life sciences. During their entire work, our PhD-students will be guided by a Thesis Committee to ensure the successful completion of each thesis.

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Structured Graduate Education within the RTG.

The structured education program will offer a range of obligatory and elective Training Modules including Science Training and Complementary Activities. Science Training courses will provide hands-on exposure to different experimental techniques and the scientific background knowledge, as detailed in the following paragraphs. By being exposed to a multitude of methods and skills to pursue their own research goals, our PhD-students will gain valuable experience for a successful future career in life sciences. Besides Science Training courses there will be Complementary Activities which are aiming to prepare the students for their future roles as scientific leaders and decision makers. The additive workload for the obligatory and elective coursework will be approximately 10 weeks over a period of three years (~ 7 %). The time commitment of the training elements is split to approximately 80 % for the obligatory and 20 % for the elective activities.