Research Training Group 2498

Research Training Group 2498

Communication and Dynamics of Plant Cell Compartments

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// 11 PhD positions available

We’re recruiting interested junior scientists for our second RTG student cohort starting in July 2022. If you’re aiming for a PhD in plant sciences, the structured education program of the RTG offers a unique opportunity for 11 fully funded PhD positions.

Our Project leaders conceived research projects complying with the common research focus of the RTG that will be investigated during the course of the doctoral thesis. Inform here about these projects.

Apply for your preferred project(s) according to the requirements and conditions of the application form
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Submission deadline is April 1st 2022.

// Research Projects

P01 – Stress-induced redistribution of lipids between plastidial and extraplastidial membranes

             // Prof. Dr. Ingo Heilmann

P02 – Interplay of plastids and peroxisomes in jasmonate biosynthesis

             // Prof. Dr. Bettina

P03 – Stromule-mediated plastid-nucleus interactions

            // Dr. Martin Schattat

P04 – Intercompartmental signaling of external phosphate status

            // Prof. Dr. Steffen Abel

P05 – Initiation of Jasmonate biosynthesis in plastids

            // Dr. Debora Gasperini

P06 – Calcium as a regulator of organellar interactions

            // Prof. Dr. Edgar Peiter

P07 – Towards the functional relevance of dual protein targeting in plant cells

            // Prof. Dr. Ralf Bernd Klösgen

P08 – Role of a dual-targeted organellar RNA polymerase in controlling organelle function

            // Prof. Dr. Kristina Kühn

P09 – Plastidial signals regulating senescence and stress response in the nucleus

            // Prof. Dr. Klaus Humbeck

P10 – Nuclear-cytoplasmic shuttling of plant PI4P 5-kinases

            // Dr. Mareike Heilmann

P11 – Regulation of plant immunity through (sub)compartmentalization of an RNA granule protein

            // Dr. Justin Lee

To apply online for your preferred project(s) use the application form // Application